Thursday, May 19, 2011


This is bit late, but oh well!

Over the Easter, the bf and I drove up to Kalbarri, where my parents have retired to. It was the first time to the Barri (as it is now known) for both of us, so we were looking forward to it. Can I just say, I fully heart Kalbarri! I had an amazing time. We explored the area a bit, I went crayfishing with my dad and his neighbour, we went to the Hutt River Province (a small area that has seceded from the rest of Australia, ate mass amounts of crayfish and just generally relaxed. It was fantastic, and it was also awesome to hang out with my parents for a bit. It was really good to see them so relaxed and happy, and stress-free as a result of retirement.

Driving down:

Hutt River Province:

The boy relaxing in Port Augusta:

Other random images from Easter break:

Some of the pics have my face blurred out because I am either pulling a weird face (by accident) or ... I just look silly! Haha. The boy's face is blurred as he doesn't yet know that I even have a blog, so I don't think I should be plastering his face all over the internet.
C xx

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