Sunday, July 31, 2011

Goats and Keys

Some of my more recent purchases ...

Scarf: Supre; Silver cuff: Sportsgirl; Rings: Diva ($3 each!!)

My goal to blog/take photos each day for 30 days or however long it was obviously didn't pan out! Haha. Life has been a bit weird lately ... I am up in my hometown working, but not with my parents - they moved a few months ago. Instead, I am living with my boyfriend, his parents and his grandad. His family are REALLY nice, but I am just not 100% comfortable yet ... I like having my own space, and quiet time, and I am used to having an empty house to myself during the day. But I am getting used to it.

In addition, work has been a bit all over the place. We are working up here to save money for our big trip later this year. My normal work (check-in at the airport) has really good pay, but not enough hours. I am going to start working with my boyfriend soon as a cleaner ( ... ) out at a gas plant shortly, with not as good pay but much more hours. I have to admit, I'm not entirely looking forward to it - and we may have to do a month of 12 hr night shifts during a shutdown. I have been looking for admin work but no joy so far.

So all in all, life has been a bit ... off lately. Bright side is I am heading back down to Perth for a week on Tuesday, though not for the best of reasons - my dad is heading in to hospital for an operation. It should be fine, but any thoughts and prayers would be much appreciated!

C xx

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Past Pictures II

Some more pictures from a little while ago. These were taken in Perth, I think the outfit was for a group meeting maybe? Or a tutorial? Something uni related anyway ...

Shirt: Ally, Jeans: Lee, Belt: Dotti, Boots: Zomp, Necklace: Pigeonhole

I have already started to get complacent in my Pilbara style, and correspondingly in my blogging as well ... I am considering setting myself a challenge: to try and take a photo a day - mostly but not limited to outfit photos. We shall see how that goes!

In other news, I found out my results today - I have definitely passed everything! Woop woop! It is such a relief - I was starting to stress out a little. Now all I have to do is find a job for next year :S

C xx

Friday, July 15, 2011


An acquaintance of mine who I used to work with has just gotten a job as an advertising consultant with a radio station. She didn't go to uni, never studied marketing/advertising, never had any previous experience marketing/advertising or ANYTHING, and I can't get a marketing grad position for next year. F. M. L.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Past pictures

I have been terrible at blogging lately! It feels like it has been forever. While I have been taking outfit photos, I have not been uploading them.

I can't even remember what I did the day I wore this ... probably nothing too exciting!

Cotton On jumper, Dotti dress, random stockings, Zomp boots, Pigeonhole necklace

I am now up in Karratha and the weather is absolutely beautiful - warm, sunny ... Can't wait to head to the beach haha. We will see how my 'style' evolves while I am here.

C xx