Friday, December 16, 2011

Balenciaga, baby!

While S and I were in Portugal, S's vovo (grandfather) took us around so that we could get a feel for the country and S's familial heritage (his mum was born in Portugal before moving to Brasil and then Australia). We travelled up to Familicao, where S's grandmother was born and buried. There we met 'the cousins' - Fatima, Grasse and Alice - who were S's gran's cousins and second cousins. Slightly convoluted, but the cousins were LOVELY. Just absolutely beautiful people, inside and out. Apparently they also took a bit of a shine to me as well - they kept telling S how lucky he was to have such a beautiful, sweet, lovely girlfriend like me! Haha, little do they know how whiny and bitchy I can be! :) On the last night we saw them, Fatima gave me an early Christmas present - a Balenciaga coin purse. I of course tried to refuse (while try to overcome my instinctive reaction of clutching it to my chest and yipping for joy), but she made me keep it. I think that it is such an elegant and classic piece, much like Fatima herself! I know that I will always treasure it, not only because I think it is beautiful, but because of the memories I know associate with it.
C xx

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Alana Santos - Makeup Artist

I thought that it was high time that I wrote about my friend's freelance business. I have been meaning to do this for absolutely ages now, but the time never felt right. As I sit in the communal lounge room of the riad we are staying in in Marrakesh, watching an array of flickering candles, the time feels right. I have just realised that my introductory paragraph sounds hopelessly over the top and dramatic, when it really wasn't meant to be. The beauty of my surroundings is so complete and overwhelming that I think it has seeped into my writing :) My friend (and sister of my boyfriend), Alana, started her business as a make up artist a few years ago, after completing her year-long Diploma at Napoleon Perdis in Sydney. Using a broad range of makeup brands, Alana specialises in looks for fashion photography but is also brilliant at event, bridal, special effects and film/tv makeup. I have to admit, I am close to Alana and I am meant to be her unofficial marketing person (at the moment this consists of being an admin of her Facebook page and sharing photos and updates on my own news feed) but I can honestly say that I really do think she is talented. Check out a few of her photos below and if you like them, please go to her Facebook page and 'like' it, especially if you are from Perth. And if you are indeed from Perth, then def think about hiring her! Seriously, she's awesome.
C xx

Monday, December 5, 2011

Dreaming of a Moroccan Sunset ...

Tomorrow S and I fly to Marrakesh ... 'excited' is a definite understatement for what I am feeling. I am been wanting to visit Morocco for years and I cannot quite believe that we will be there tomorrow evening. The souks, the desert, the magic ... Apparently throughout the day and evening the main square, Djemaa el Fnaa, boasts snake charmers, storytellers, magicians, jugglers, medicine peddlers, acrobats and more. It will be like something from 1001 Arabian nights. I can't wait to just soak it in, take as many photos as I can, buy jewellery and other knick-knacks and watch the sunset from the rooftop terrace of our riad. C xx

Saturday, December 3, 2011


Ola! S and I are currently relaxing in Madrid, trying to soak up the sun and warm(ish) weather. I have to admit, this has been my least loved leg of the trip so far. I am definitely regretting not spending more days in Paris instead, or longer in Portugal - the weather was BEAUTIFUL. On Monday we head to Morocco and I am deliriously excited. S keeps trying to bring me down to earth with bad expectations so that I don't get disappointed, but I am not sure how well it is working. A few quicks snaps from one of our wanderings in Madrid the other day.
Coat: Zara, Shirt: Marcs, Singlet: H&M, Leggings: H&M, Scarf: Rome street vendor, Socks: H&M, Boots: Zomp. C xx