Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Radio Silence

Argh! I can't believe that yet again, I have let this blog lapse. Although to be fair, I have had quite a few things on my plate. Since last I blogged:

- A, S's sister came and stay with us in Paris
- we went to Portugal for a long weekend
- S's parents came and stayed with us
- We flew back to Perth
- my parents came and stayed with us
- applied for various jobs (I have a job interview tomorrow - eeep!)

... and this afternoon we are flying back up to my hometown. OH and of course, we got engaged :)

So this is just a quick update post to say, I am alive and we (hopefully) get back to regular blogging very soon.

Quick outfit shot, as this supposed to be a fashion/life blog after all! Not the best photo - we are leaving for the airport any minute now, so I am rushing slightly ...

Check out my eyebrows - A and I just got our eyebrows and eyelashes tinted this morning. I am loving my brows fully sick. I like my lashes as well, but wish I was able to them permed as well - they are so straight that you can't see them properly unless that are curled and I am pretty crap with the ol' eyelash curler!

Signing off for now, but will definitely be a better blogger and post more regularly :)

C xx

Saturday, August 4, 2012


Bit of a crappy photo (and a bit of crushed macaron!) but ... ENGAGED :D