Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Things I HAVE to do today

• Call my parents
• Study
• Get my maxi skirt taken up
• Head into the city to use my voucher which expires today
• Arrange to have my dad’s car parked somewhere else
• Call a marketing agency about work experience
• Email another company about article contributions
• Work on my boyfriend’s resume
• Fill out my graduation forms and send them off
• Email my holiday job to see if I can get enough hours to pay for my massive holiday trip post-graduation
• Write out the bazillion blog posts that are floating around in my head
• Go to the gym

Can I do it all? Probably not, but I am going to try. Hopefully. I have been severely lacking in motivation the past few days (weeks), but I am feeling a change. Wish me luck!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Present


WELL! Today at 5pm I submitted my last assignment ever! Can I get a "WOOP WOOP!" Haha. Well, for now anyways. I am considering the possibility of postgraduate studies in the future, but not for a long while. At this stage I have one week of uni, then three exams and then I am done! If you can't tell, I am pretty freaking excited about this fact.

Yesterday morning, the boy and I drove my parents to the airport as they were jetting off interstate. As he was hugging me goodbye, my dad slipped me a fitty dollar note (yo) into my pocket for breakfast. So S and I headed down to the Naked Fig in Swanbourne for an amaaaazing brekkie.

Here are some photos I took of the beach after we ate.

They are a little bit same same, but meh. They are my photos and this is my blog! :)

C xx

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A glimpse into the future

This is a preview of my next post. I can't be bothered writing it now - I'm laying in bed, trying not to think about my final assignment EVER (for the forseeable future, not including exams) that is due tomorrow. It is not going well.

C xx

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011


How is this even slightly ok? I was reading this latest post from Harper and Harley today, and she blogged about these super nice Bec & Bridge fedoras. They are pretty nifty looking, and I admit, I am a bit of sucker for 'pre-sale' and the thought of obtaining an item before other people. I could just see myself swanning around in a 'hazelnut' or 'dove grey' fedora, gaining admiring looks from all and sundry.

Pics from Harper and Harley, who got them from Oracle Fox and Grand Social.

However, when I clicked on the link to check them out, these pretty little hats are a whopping TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY FIVE DOLLARS! (Yes, I am that shocked that I felt compelled to write out the whole amount so that I could make use of the caps lock)

Again, how is this even slightly ok? How can a HAT, albeit a very pretty one, cost so freaking much?!?!?! Maybe it is the student budget conscious part of me, or maybe a bit of my mother, but I cannot fathom paying so much for a hat. Especially a Bec & Bridge one! If it was Chanel or some brand like that I might understand it a bit more, though still not want to pay so much. But Bec & Bridge? Have I missed something? Since when are they so freaking exy??

Seriously, what the heck is going on?

Saturday, May 21, 2011



Here are some random pics that I have taken this semester with Hipstamatic on my iPhone. I use that app so much it's insane. Makes normal images quirky, and beautiful even ones even more so. Well, in my opinion anyway! I love how you can't really judge the frame of the photo; they always end up looking a bit different to how you lined it up.

The boy's sister and her cheese fondue fountain of epic fail-ness:

There is a store on Beaufort St in Mt Lawley that sells the brand of shirts that Charlie Sheen always wears (wore) on Two and a Half Men. I effing hate those shirts! They drive me insane. Anyway, I snapped that pic during the Charlie Sheen media winning/wizard/whatever frenzy.

Koko Black love:

Random painting of an alleyway wall of Hampden Rd in Nedlands:

Relief carving on wall at my uni:

C xx

Thursday, May 19, 2011


This is bit late, but oh well!

Over the Easter, the bf and I drove up to Kalbarri, where my parents have retired to. It was the first time to the Barri (as it is now known) for both of us, so we were looking forward to it. Can I just say, I fully heart Kalbarri! I had an amazing time. We explored the area a bit, I went crayfishing with my dad and his neighbour, we went to the Hutt River Province (a small area that has seceded from the rest of Australia, ate mass amounts of crayfish and just generally relaxed. It was fantastic, and it was also awesome to hang out with my parents for a bit. It was really good to see them so relaxed and happy, and stress-free as a result of retirement.

Driving down:

Hutt River Province:

The boy relaxing in Port Augusta:

Other random images from Easter break:

Some of the pics have my face blurred out because I am either pulling a weird face (by accident) or ... I just look silly! Haha. The boy's face is blurred as he doesn't yet know that I even have a blog, so I don't think I should be plastering his face all over the internet.
C xx

Black vacuums in the sky.

Hey all.

I was reading the skylark and son blog recently, and a post (from aaaages ago) mentioned how sometimes it feels like the sky is full of black holes, sucking all the good out of the universe [sidebar - if you haven't already, check this blog out! She is really funny and puts together amazing outfits, using mainly on sale or op-shop pieces. Plus, her little boy is so freaking cute it's insane!]. Well, that pretty much explains how I felt last week, despite it being my birthday. My dad had a boating accident and was in hospital for a few days. It was pretty serious for a while, but now he has pretty much been given the 'all-clear'. For me, this stressful and intense situation was made worse because I didn't pick up the phone. It was the day before my birthday, and i was at the library studying as my parents were going to be in town that weekend and I had two assignments due this week, so I was trying to put a big dent in them. My mum called me several times, and I didn't pick up until about 6pm that night. I then found out about the accident, which occurred almost twelve hours earlier. I felt so, so bad. All I could think of was, 'what if it had been worse than it was? What if my dad ... :(' and the fact that my mum was trying to cope with this all by herself (she had her neighbour with her but no family). I felt like a terrible person and a terrible daughter. So, my advice to any out there is, ALWAYS PICK UP YOUR PHONE. Even if your busy, even if you don't feel like talking, always pick it up. You can always ask whoever it is to call back later. You never know what that phone call may be about.

Sorry for the slightly depressing post, but be prepared for some lighter ones soon! I have a small backlog of posts that due to numerous reasons still have to be put together properly, but will do so now!

C xx