Saturday, September 1, 2012

Feeling Like A Vegas Showgirl

Well, S and I are back up in our hometown. I am starting a new job in just over a week but up until then, my days are filled with nothing. My car is currently out of commission - it was rear ended a while back, and I have been seriously lazy in getting fixed. Fingers crossed it is ready by the time I start work! The town has no public transport so I am effectively confined to the house. At the moment my daily routine is as follows:

- Wake up at about 5.30 when S' alarm goes off
- Go back to sleep
- Get out of bed at about 7.30 when my alarm goes off
- Drink three glasses of water and have a banana
- Do a body workout and then go for an interval run
- Have a shower
- Eat breakfast
- Go on the computer/read/watch TV
- Have lunch
- Go on the computer/read/watch TV
- Wait for S to come home at 5.30
- Either go to boxercise or go for an endurance run
- Shower
- Have dinner
- Go on the computer/read/watch TV
- Go to bed

Every. Single. Day. Except for weekends. I am going a tad stir crazy!

Anyway, I caught up with some friends for lunch shortly after we arrived (before S started work). I wore this:

H&M sequinned top, Zara waxed denim black shorts (not seen)

I hate to admit, I absolutely LOVE sequins. I know that some people can find them tacky - especially during the day - but I am most assuredly not one of them! I grew up dancing and now sequins always calls to mind the glamour and excitement of dance concerts, costumes and competitions. I figure it is fine to wear them during the day, as long as I dont go TOO overboard :) What do you think?

C xx