Friday, July 6, 2012

A Parisian Birthday

I have always had a love/hate relationship with my birthday. I build it up so much in my mind - it is my favourite holiday of the year! I make countless plans and write countless wish-lists, the majority of which never comes to fruition. I usually end up leaving everything to the last minute and thus become my own kryptonite. Once the day rolls around, I am already over it and it never lives up to my expectations. It doesn't help that I haven't spent my birthday with family in years.

This year, I was lucky enough to spend my birthday in Paris; the City of Lights; the City of Love. Yet again, I was full of plans. I told S that I didn't want a present this year - instead, I wanted to create memories (as corny as that sounds). We discussed going to Angelina's for brunch, picnic-ing along the Seine, eating crepes and macarons, strolling through the Tuileries and going to a wine bar for a wine-tasting course. Yet again, things didn't exactly go to plan.

The day before my birthday, I started to get a sore throat. During the night, this intensified and by the next morning - my birthday morning! - I had a fully fledged cold. Unfortunately we had to call off the majority of the birthday plans. However, I managed to drag myself out to Angelina's for champagne birthday brunch. Pastries (croissant, pain aux raisins and pain au chocolat), juice, tea, bread rolls with honey and jam, fruit salad, soft boiled eggs with toast and a glass of champagne. While I ate WAY too much, I am really glad we went.

After brunch, S and I spent the rest of the day either in bed or on the couch, watching TV shows that we had saved on our hard-drive. While I can't say my birthday lived up to all my expectations, it was still an amazing day :)

C xx