Sunday, August 22, 2010

wishing my life away,

It has been so, so long since I last updated this thing. I would like to blame uni and my internship for taking up all of my time, but the truth is that I have been too lazy! Which is definitely one of my flaws and something that I have to work on. Speaking of uni, I just realised that I have four assignments due in the next three weeks, three of which are due in the SAME week. None of which I have actually started yet. Not only that, but I don’t even really understand the essay question for one of them. Needless to say, I am slightly freaking out. I hate those essay questions where you have to discuss a statement rather than answer a question. For example:
“In the wake of such events as the global financial crisis and climate change the goals of organisational change must move beyond those of ensuring profits. A much broader and transformational understanding of change needs to be integrated within the central purpose of all organisations.”
I have to discuss THAT. At the moment, I figure I have to talk about why we must change from just ensuring profits, what the new goals must be (note to self: include stuff about the environment and climate change), what the broader and transformational understanding of change is and how it can be integrated. But at the same time, it seems very flimsy and unsure to you. I am kinda lost. Hopefully once I listen to the lectures (yes, I know, very naughty of me not to attend) and read the corresponding readings that I will have a clearer idea of what to talk about, as well as how to research it. Sighhhhhh.

My internship is going well-ish. I have only been in three days so far, but those three days were ok. I am working with three other interns on an event that will be held later this year. I am the Marketing intern and there is also an Event Coordinator intern, and Graphics Design intern and a PR intern. At the moment there is a tiny bit of confusion about just what exactly we are meant to be doing at the moment - especially in regards to who does what – but hopefully it will come together a bit more this week. I am pretty excited about it and I really hope it goes well. After uni I want to try and get into the field of fashion marketing, but I am worried that I have no experience whatsoever. This is my second internship and is a bit closer to what I want to do, my first one being with a small dance theatre company. So hopefully it will look good on my resume. I am just worried that I won’t have enough experience compared to a whole bunch of other people, especially because the course I am studying at my uni has no practicum components, while a lot of other unis require students to log A LOT of hours. Also, if I really want to get anywhere I will probably have to move over east and thus will have to compete with students from the east coast as well! Ultimately it would be awesome to work with a fashion brand or at somewhere like Sweaty Betty, but I am really worried that those are nothing more than pipe dreams.

Thinking about the future sucks.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

There's a Tiffany box on my nails.

Sooooooo the meeting today went well. I really should not have stressed out at all! Although I wasn’t 100% happy with my outfit – black shorts, black top, black over the knee socks, silver watch necklace and mint green nail polish. It was ok, but not inspired nor inspiring. Especially when compared to what the two other girls in the meeting wore – E wore blue jumpsuit with white polka dots, red cardigan and red lipstick, while M wore sheer stockings, a black cape/poncho cross and a horse brooch. They looked a lot better than how it reads and made me feel a little bit lame in comparison. Sighhh.

For most of tonight I have been poring of the gorgeous goodies that Topshop has to offer. I am so freakin’ annoyed there is no Topshop in Perth! Thank God for online shopping. Here is what I will be getting once my tax return comes in:

Am LOVING the harem pants. What’s even better is that they are from the Petite range, which is awesome for all those shorties out there like me! I will be rocking them with a ¾ sleeved low back green leotard from Bloch, among other things. The scarf will add a lil pizzazz to my (abundant) grey and black outfits. The dress will be uber cute in summer (hopefully), while I predict that the heart button socks will soon become a wardrobe staple. Hopefully they stay up a bit better than the over the knee socks that I wore today ... maybe I have weird shaped knees ... :S

And here is what I would ALSO be getting if my tax return was going to be a bit bigger.

I am currently crushing on shoe boots! If you can’t tell. And, oddly enough, clogs. At first I was all, “Oh em gee double-yew tee eff, what is up wit chose SHOES”, and Now I’m all, “Those are actually kinda cute.” Go figure.


Monday, August 2, 2010

What Goes Around

Part of the reason why I started this blog was to give my fashion choices a bit of a jumpstart. I’m starting to think that I have been in a bit of style rut lately. I am hoping that by having to record my stylings and have them open to, well, criticism and review, I will be more inspired to take more risks and be more creative.

Yesterday I tried to do just this. My sister and I decided to spend the afternoon wandering around Subiaco while her boyfriend was at the footy. My sister was feeling a bit blue due to a recent bad haircut and wanted some girly time, as well as help buying new hair products.

These were taken after I came home. Please forgive the very bad quality – they were taken using a self-timer and a not awesome camera. And then I decided to play around with them using Photofiltre, which has decided to switch itself into French mode. Sigh.

Top: Portmans. Shorts: Live. Scarf and stockings: Sportsgirl. Socks: Myer. Boots: Zomp.

You can’t really see it, but the stockings have hearts as the back seam – very cute. I actually love them, but they are really thin and delicate and I am slightly freaking out about ruining them. And then another part of me thinks, ‘Oh but that could be cool, kinda grungy-ish and fashion noir-y’. And then yet another part of me worries that I wouldn’t tear and rip them right and they really would be ruined. I am also slightly sceptical about being able to pull off the look without looking like a try-hard douche. Ohhhhhhhh the trials and tribulations and being a wannabe fashionista!

In other news, I have been offered a marketing internship at a hip-to-the-groove organisation here in Perth. They are a fashion and homeware wholesaler and retailer, with four (soon to be five) stores in the city. Tomorrow I have to go in to sort out my roster and duties and I cannot for the life of me decide what to wear. I know that it is not that big of a deal like an interview, but I still want to dress to impress, if you will. Everyone who works at this organisation is always VERY well dressed in what can only be termed ‘cool threads’. I cannot help but feel slightly intimidated, jealous and worried. If anyone has any ideas (if there is anyone reading this) please feel free to share!