Saturday, September 1, 2012

Feeling Like A Vegas Showgirl

Well, S and I are back up in our hometown. I am starting a new job in just over a week but up until then, my days are filled with nothing. My car is currently out of commission - it was rear ended a while back, and I have been seriously lazy in getting fixed. Fingers crossed it is ready by the time I start work! The town has no public transport so I am effectively confined to the house. At the moment my daily routine is as follows:

- Wake up at about 5.30 when S' alarm goes off
- Go back to sleep
- Get out of bed at about 7.30 when my alarm goes off
- Drink three glasses of water and have a banana
- Do a body workout and then go for an interval run
- Have a shower
- Eat breakfast
- Go on the computer/read/watch TV
- Have lunch
- Go on the computer/read/watch TV
- Wait for S to come home at 5.30
- Either go to boxercise or go for an endurance run
- Shower
- Have dinner
- Go on the computer/read/watch TV
- Go to bed

Every. Single. Day. Except for weekends. I am going a tad stir crazy!

Anyway, I caught up with some friends for lunch shortly after we arrived (before S started work). I wore this:

H&M sequinned top, Zara waxed denim black shorts (not seen)

I hate to admit, I absolutely LOVE sequins. I know that some people can find them tacky - especially during the day - but I am most assuredly not one of them! I grew up dancing and now sequins always calls to mind the glamour and excitement of dance concerts, costumes and competitions. I figure it is fine to wear them during the day, as long as I dont go TOO overboard :) What do you think?

C xx

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Radio Silence

Argh! I can't believe that yet again, I have let this blog lapse. Although to be fair, I have had quite a few things on my plate. Since last I blogged:

- A, S's sister came and stay with us in Paris
- we went to Portugal for a long weekend
- S's parents came and stayed with us
- We flew back to Perth
- my parents came and stayed with us
- applied for various jobs (I have a job interview tomorrow - eeep!)

... and this afternoon we are flying back up to my hometown. OH and of course, we got engaged :)

So this is just a quick update post to say, I am alive and we (hopefully) get back to regular blogging very soon.

Quick outfit shot, as this supposed to be a fashion/life blog after all! Not the best photo - we are leaving for the airport any minute now, so I am rushing slightly ...

Check out my eyebrows - A and I just got our eyebrows and eyelashes tinted this morning. I am loving my brows fully sick. I like my lashes as well, but wish I was able to them permed as well - they are so straight that you can't see them properly unless that are curled and I am pretty crap with the ol' eyelash curler!

Signing off for now, but will definitely be a better blogger and post more regularly :)

C xx

Saturday, August 4, 2012


Bit of a crappy photo (and a bit of crushed macaron!) but ... ENGAGED :D

Friday, July 6, 2012

A Parisian Birthday

I have always had a love/hate relationship with my birthday. I build it up so much in my mind - it is my favourite holiday of the year! I make countless plans and write countless wish-lists, the majority of which never comes to fruition. I usually end up leaving everything to the last minute and thus become my own kryptonite. Once the day rolls around, I am already over it and it never lives up to my expectations. It doesn't help that I haven't spent my birthday with family in years.

This year, I was lucky enough to spend my birthday in Paris; the City of Lights; the City of Love. Yet again, I was full of plans. I told S that I didn't want a present this year - instead, I wanted to create memories (as corny as that sounds). We discussed going to Angelina's for brunch, picnic-ing along the Seine, eating crepes and macarons, strolling through the Tuileries and going to a wine bar for a wine-tasting course. Yet again, things didn't exactly go to plan.

The day before my birthday, I started to get a sore throat. During the night, this intensified and by the next morning - my birthday morning! - I had a fully fledged cold. Unfortunately we had to call off the majority of the birthday plans. However, I managed to drag myself out to Angelina's for champagne birthday brunch. Pastries (croissant, pain aux raisins and pain au chocolat), juice, tea, bread rolls with honey and jam, fruit salad, soft boiled eggs with toast and a glass of champagne. While I ate WAY too much, I am really glad we went.

After brunch, S and I spent the rest of the day either in bed or on the couch, watching TV shows that we had saved on our hard-drive. While I can't say my birthday lived up to all my expectations, it was still an amazing day :)

C xx

Monday, June 18, 2012

Bonjour a Paris!

On the 19th of April, S and I landed at Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris. We had decided after our first Europe trip last year to return to Paris - to live here for three months. I have to admit, I felt a bit conflicted about this decision. On one hand, it is something that I have always wanted to do. On the other, a part of me was eager to start working full-time, to be living in Perth, to not be scrimping and saving anymore.

Now that I am here, I am SO glad we made this decision. Living in a city for an extended period of time is (obviously) so different to visiting it for a number of days. We are able to see and experience so much more, as well as get a real 'feel' for the city. We are staying in an apartment on the rue Saint Honore, right by the Louvre and the Jardin des Tuileries - one of my favourite places in Paris. We are also super close to another of my newly favourite places, the Jardin du Palais Royal. We are able to walk down along the Seine, stopping to look at the wares of the covered booksellers, and end up at Notre Dame. Or go the other, through the Tuileries, and go past the Grand Palais and hit up the Champs Elysees. We are discovering the best places (for us) to eat, drink and shop. We are taking French classes, and more and more things and starting to make sense - sometimes we are even able to short and simple conversations in French!

While I am developing my own personal style more and more - Paris street style is always inspiring! - I haven't gone crazy with the shopping. I have managed to save quite a bit, which I intend on using a lot of on the June sales. And although it sounds quite cheesy, I think that S and I have even grown a bit as a couple. Which is always a nice thing. I have been thinking more and more about my future and have made a decisions that I really hope I can stick to. Living in Paris really seems to clear your mind, haha.

Anyway, stay tuned for more updates on my life in Paris.

C xx

The courtyard of our Parisian apartment.

Monday, June 11, 2012


So, I thought I should fill in the six-month gap of my blog. S and I arrived home in Perth in mid-ish December. S only stayed for a few days before heading north to our hometown so that he could spend Christmas with his family. I stayed in Perth with my family. January was spent in Kalbarri with my parents, helping them pack up their house. Last year my dad had a pretty serious boat accident and I think because of that (plus a few other reasons) my parents decided to move to South Australia where they own a house. It was fun, but a little bit sad at the same time. I LOVE Kalbarri and have never seen the other house. Plus, it is now a lot harder to see the - about 5ish hours by plane from Perth. Although we haven't been spending much time in Perth.

While our Europe trip was coming to an end, S and I came to a decision. We decided to delay 'real life'- work for me and a dip ed for him - for a little bit longer. From the end of January til mid April, we have been back in our hometown working. During this time, we went through the edges of two cyclones, I showed my old host-sister and brother from Sweden around Perth and I had my graduation ceremony from university.

And now, we are back in Paris. We decided to come back to Europe for three months but instead of travelling around, just stay in the one spot. We rented an apartment in the heart of Paris and have been taking French classes and living the bohemian lifestyle. It has been absolutely amazing so far. The weather hasn't been perfect (quite cold and rainy for the most part) but that doesn't even matter. At times I still can't even believe that we are here. We are unfortunately past the halfway mark and I REALLY don't want to go back to Australia just yet. I wish that we had decided to live here for a year but that just isn't a viable option for us at the moment.

I have to admit, I am a little worried that we are going to take our time here for granted and miss out on stuff - like today, for example. I have been lounging around our apartment, reading and relaxing. But I feel like I should be out there, EXPERIENCING stuff. Hopefully the blog will help force me out the house, so that I have experiences and stories to record.

Anyway, here are a few pictures from my six-month gap:

C xx

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Starting Over

The longer you leave something, the harder and harder it is. Returning a phone call. Responding to a message on Facebook. Replying to an email. Getting back into the blogging world after a LOT of time off. The more time that passes, the greater the pressure that builds. I haven't blogged for about six months. Half a year. A lifetime for a six-month old, and for the blogosphere as well. But here I am, back into it. Hopefully for good this time. During my absence, I have thought about writing post after post - about what's going on in my life, my experiences, my thoughts, my outfits ... but just never seemed able to make that final jump. The aforesaid pressure as well as feelings of inadequacy when my words and photos don't turn out the way I want them to or imagine them in my mind. However, I am not going to let fear and insecurity and time stop me any more. So take note: this is me turning over a new leaf. C xx