Thursday, May 19, 2011

Black vacuums in the sky.

Hey all.

I was reading the skylark and son blog recently, and a post (from aaaages ago) mentioned how sometimes it feels like the sky is full of black holes, sucking all the good out of the universe [sidebar - if you haven't already, check this blog out! She is really funny and puts together amazing outfits, using mainly on sale or op-shop pieces. Plus, her little boy is so freaking cute it's insane!]. Well, that pretty much explains how I felt last week, despite it being my birthday. My dad had a boating accident and was in hospital for a few days. It was pretty serious for a while, but now he has pretty much been given the 'all-clear'. For me, this stressful and intense situation was made worse because I didn't pick up the phone. It was the day before my birthday, and i was at the library studying as my parents were going to be in town that weekend and I had two assignments due this week, so I was trying to put a big dent in them. My mum called me several times, and I didn't pick up until about 6pm that night. I then found out about the accident, which occurred almost twelve hours earlier. I felt so, so bad. All I could think of was, 'what if it had been worse than it was? What if my dad ... :(' and the fact that my mum was trying to cope with this all by herself (she had her neighbour with her but no family). I felt like a terrible person and a terrible daughter. So, my advice to any out there is, ALWAYS PICK UP YOUR PHONE. Even if your busy, even if you don't feel like talking, always pick it up. You can always ask whoever it is to call back later. You never know what that phone call may be about.

Sorry for the slightly depressing post, but be prepared for some lighter ones soon! I have a small backlog of posts that due to numerous reasons still have to be put together properly, but will do so now!

C xx

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