Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Strolling in Subi

Last Tuesday evening I met up with my friend L for coffee in Subiaco. Well, I don’t drink coffee, but you get the picture. We ended up going to Dome as everywhere else was closed except for Gelare, and it was packed with people getting half price waffles (mmmmmm, waffles. Soo good!). I had a green tea and a chocolate hedgehog, while L had a cappuchino and a chocolate caramel slice.

I wore:

*Cotton On sheer leopard print top
*Black Ksubi cutoffs from DJ
*Shoes from Rubi
*Rosary necklace from Lovisa
*My mum’s old clutch from the eighties

***Please excuse my messy room and the fact that I am standing on my bed!!***

I always try to get quite dressed up whenever I meet up with L, who is definitely one of my most stylish friends! It was so warm though, that I didn’t want to go too overboard. I was quite pleased with my result! ☺

Monday, March 21, 2011

Review: Aspirin Face Mask

The other night I decided to try out an aspirin face mask that I saw on Vogue Forums. It involves crushing up several aspirin (I used Aspro Clear), adding a small amount of liquid (I used water) and smearing the fizzy mixture on your face. I left mine on for about 10-15 minutes, then washed off with warm water.

***I also had an olive oil hair mask, hence the towel and glad wrap!***

I have done this mask twice now, and I definitely recommend crushing up the tablets first! The first time I did it, I only broke them up a little and they were still quite bitty (if that makes sense!!) on my face, as you can see from the pic. Even when I crushed them with a small hammer, the mixture was still quite grainy, which acted as a manual or physical exfoliant, which I quite liked.

After I washed the mask off, my face was seriously so smooth and nice, it felt AMAZING. I have combination oily/dry skin that can get quite rough with dead skin build up in a don’t exfoliate regularly. I had run out of exfoliator so hadn’t done this for quite a long time (I kept forgetting to buy some whenever I went to the shops :s) but the aspirin sloughed all the rough stuff away.


*Got rid of dead skin, leaving my skin so smooth and silky
*Fizzing feeling after application and when washing the mask off
*The mask feeling as it dried – it seriously felt like a I have paper mache mask on something!! It left like I had always imagined a face mask to feel. Very cool.
*Left my oily skin feeling non-oily, and the dry bits weren’t exacerbated


*Weird smell
*Slight sugary, sticky feeling during application, though this was mainly on my fingers
*I absolutely hate the taste of Aspro Clear and I accidentally got some of the mask on my lips – I felt like I was possibly about to throw up
*No real noticeable change in my skin clarity, although could be due to my shitty diet and poor effort at drinking water.

I definitely recommend trying out the aspirin face mask, even if purely for the novelty factor or the fizzing feeling. ☺

Next up to review: The Oil Cleansing Method!