Monday, June 13, 2011

This is me, yo.

Today I FINALLY wore a turband. I have been wanting to rock one out for ages now, but was slightly apprehensive - I didn't want to look like a total idiot. Hopefully, I did not. Apart from my facial expressions - they are meant to look ridiculous.

Credit: Google

ZING! Gotcha. The last one isn't me, it Naboo from the ever-awesome, The Mighty Boosh.

Apart turbanding and taking highly hilarious pics, I have also been studying, procrastinating, discovering new blogs, procrastinating, baking, procrastibaking, and trying to study. My first exam is tomorrow morning, and I am not too stressed about it. I think the facts that it is 100% multiple choice and that I didn't study AT ALL for the midsem (I forgot that it was on until 1hr before ... woops) yet still got a reasonably good mark. However, I am trying to not to be too complacent and do some study. YEAH! Go team me!

C xx

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