Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Up Front and Personal

So, yesterday I ventured out of the apartment for the first time in days and went into the city to spend my gift voucher. I wore:

Witchery slouchy beret, Kookai leather jacket, Cotton On cardigan, Lee jeans, belt and necklace were presents

This is the necklace that I bought from Pigeonhole. Pretty, yes? Slightly overpriced in my opinion ($55) but since I bought it with a voucher, technically it didn't cost me anything. And I think I already know what I am going to spend the remainder of my voucher on ...

Today I have the opportunity to buy a second-hand DSLR, a Canon 300d for $350. I really want a SLR, as it will really make a difference to the quality of pics on this blog, as well as for when the boy and I go overseas later this year. However, I am slightly apprehensive about buying a second-hand camera ... If anyone has any tips or suggestions, PLEASE let me know!



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  2. I bought that exact same necklace but in the baby pink!!! It looks awesome in black...


  3. Hey Foxy_Grinner!! :)

    I am a big fan of black, silver and gold jewellery as a general rule, but I can defs see the appeal of baby pink.

    I wish that I could DIY jewellery like this at home ...