Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Me talking about fashion stuff ...

I was going through Fashion Gone Rouge the other day and stumbled upon these photos:

Credit: Sheila Marquez by David Roemer for Marie Claire Spain June 2011. For the rest of the shoot click here

Credit: Flavia de Oliveira by Marcelo Krasilcic for Elle Italia June 2011. For the rest of the shoot click here

Looking at these photos make me long for summer again ... For some unknown reason, I didn't go to the beach AT ALL this past summer and I am really regretting right now. Actually, I do know the reason why - working approx 10 hours a day, 13 days a week doesn't leave much time for beach-going!

David Roemer's photos are gorgeous. I love love LOVE a black swimsuit ... They are classic, timeless and forgiving. I think that Roemer's photos encapsulate the elegance and sexiness of a black swimsuit perfectly. The simplicity of the shots is stunning. The minimalism of the the hair and makeup, lack of accessories and simple background provide a cleanness, of which the swimsuits are the focal point. If this was Masterchef, they would be the 'hero' of the shoot!

Marcelo Krasilcic's photos, on the other hand, are a study in contrasts. While the basic elements remain the same - swimwear and a beach location - they have an entirely different feel. The hair and makeup, colourful accessories and clothing and the use of props create a photo story that just screams holiday. I love these photos for a totally different reason, they speak to me in another way. I also love the fact that of all these photos from Krasilcic have a common black or dark thread that seems to almost 'ground' the colour of the shots, giving them depth.

This is my first attempt and a sort of fashion journalism I guess. I hope it was to pretentious! :)

C xx

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