Sunday, November 20, 2011

Slave to the Wage

I have to say, I am not normally a fan of Louis Vuitton. I don’t like the ‘in-your-face-ness’ of the logo, or the customary colour scheme, or even really the shape of the bags. However, when I was flicking through the pages of the French Vogue magazine I bought, this golden little number caught my eye.
I didn’t even realise it was Louis Vuitton, which I like. I also really like the idea of it, of cuffing your clutch to your wrist. It combines and toughness with a touch of glamour, which really appeals to me. I realise that this bag is kind of old (AW11), but I haven’t noticed any knock-offs or ‘inspired by’ pieces in any chainstores, so I am thinking that I may just have to try and DIY this when I get home to Australia! C xx

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