Friday, December 16, 2011

Balenciaga, baby!

While S and I were in Portugal, S's vovo (grandfather) took us around so that we could get a feel for the country and S's familial heritage (his mum was born in Portugal before moving to Brasil and then Australia). We travelled up to Familicao, where S's grandmother was born and buried. There we met 'the cousins' - Fatima, Grasse and Alice - who were S's gran's cousins and second cousins. Slightly convoluted, but the cousins were LOVELY. Just absolutely beautiful people, inside and out. Apparently they also took a bit of a shine to me as well - they kept telling S how lucky he was to have such a beautiful, sweet, lovely girlfriend like me! Haha, little do they know how whiny and bitchy I can be! :) On the last night we saw them, Fatima gave me an early Christmas present - a Balenciaga coin purse. I of course tried to refuse (while try to overcome my instinctive reaction of clutching it to my chest and yipping for joy), but she made me keep it. I think that it is such an elegant and classic piece, much like Fatima herself! I know that I will always treasure it, not only because I think it is beautiful, but because of the memories I know associate with it.
C xx


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