Monday, March 21, 2011

Review: Aspirin Face Mask

The other night I decided to try out an aspirin face mask that I saw on Vogue Forums. It involves crushing up several aspirin (I used Aspro Clear), adding a small amount of liquid (I used water) and smearing the fizzy mixture on your face. I left mine on for about 10-15 minutes, then washed off with warm water.

***I also had an olive oil hair mask, hence the towel and glad wrap!***

I have done this mask twice now, and I definitely recommend crushing up the tablets first! The first time I did it, I only broke them up a little and they were still quite bitty (if that makes sense!!) on my face, as you can see from the pic. Even when I crushed them with a small hammer, the mixture was still quite grainy, which acted as a manual or physical exfoliant, which I quite liked.

After I washed the mask off, my face was seriously so smooth and nice, it felt AMAZING. I have combination oily/dry skin that can get quite rough with dead skin build up in a don’t exfoliate regularly. I had run out of exfoliator so hadn’t done this for quite a long time (I kept forgetting to buy some whenever I went to the shops :s) but the aspirin sloughed all the rough stuff away.


*Got rid of dead skin, leaving my skin so smooth and silky
*Fizzing feeling after application and when washing the mask off
*The mask feeling as it dried – it seriously felt like a I have paper mache mask on something!! It left like I had always imagined a face mask to feel. Very cool.
*Left my oily skin feeling non-oily, and the dry bits weren’t exacerbated


*Weird smell
*Slight sugary, sticky feeling during application, though this was mainly on my fingers
*I absolutely hate the taste of Aspro Clear and I accidentally got some of the mask on my lips – I felt like I was possibly about to throw up
*No real noticeable change in my skin clarity, although could be due to my shitty diet and poor effort at drinking water.

I definitely recommend trying out the aspirin face mask, even if purely for the novelty factor or the fizzing feeling. ☺

Next up to review: The Oil Cleansing Method!

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