Thursday, November 11, 2010

Culminating Amalgamations

Ok, wow. Wowee. It has been MONTHS since I last updated this thing. I have just been so crazy busy lately. I am doing a full load at uni (which at UWA is four units, compared to the three at certain unis, grrrrr), going in to my internship 2-3 days a week, I was sick, trying to stay in contact with my friends who I barely see anymore (:[ ) and my parents have come down quite a few times, which has been nice. Plus, to tell the truth, I had gotten a tad bit disheartened/disillusioned with this here blog. AND THEN I realised that I hadn't activated something properly, so I wasn't notified when I got blog comments. Yay me! I only just realised when I linked my blog in my Vogue Forum signature and tested the link to make sure it worked.

OH by the way, total update: I totally got a distinction for that essay that was frustrating the f*ck out of me, all that time ago. Booyah! I am so glad that my tutor is a nice marker!!

Anyway, next week is the event that is the culmination of internship this semester: Lomovember. If anyone reading this is in Perth, you should definitely come along. Imagine if lomography (retro-style photography) did the kinky with Movember. The beautiful, soft-focused and moustache-d baby would be the awesomeness that is Lomovember. Ok, maybe I am ever so slightly talking it up, as I helped make it happen, but seriously, it should be good. It is a weekend-long lomographic photo exhibition at 104b Murray Streeet, where the photos are all sold via a silent auction. Opening night is Friday 19th, tickets are $5 and include drinks and cupcakes and live music. Plus, there will be lomography workshops held over the weekend. For more details, go here.

I was looking through cotton socks's blog, and came across a photo of her bf wearing some very cool Topman jeans. My boyf has been on the lookout for some good jeans for AGES now, and I am thinking I may get them for him for an early Christmas present. We are heading to Melbourne for a week and a half in the beginning of December, and I think he would really like them. What do you think (if there is anyone out there reading this! Haha)?



  1. Hey there!
    I think its a an excellent gift.
    they might sell them at that topshop stockist on flinders lane!
    they are about 6 months old now but still look brand new.
    i think they were about $90!
    Congratulations on the Distinction too!
    That's awesome!

  2. Holy crap! There is a Topshop stockist on flinders lane?!?!?! I was just going to buy them on-line haha ... Now I am getting really excited for Melbourne!! :D

    And thanks!