Tuesday, August 3, 2010

There's a Tiffany box on my nails.

Sooooooo the meeting today went well. I really should not have stressed out at all! Although I wasn’t 100% happy with my outfit – black shorts, black top, black over the knee socks, silver watch necklace and mint green nail polish. It was ok, but not inspired nor inspiring. Especially when compared to what the two other girls in the meeting wore – E wore blue jumpsuit with white polka dots, red cardigan and red lipstick, while M wore sheer stockings, a black cape/poncho cross and a horse brooch. They looked a lot better than how it reads and made me feel a little bit lame in comparison. Sighhh.

For most of tonight I have been poring of the gorgeous goodies that Topshop has to offer. I am so freakin’ annoyed there is no Topshop in Perth! Thank God for online shopping. Here is what I will be getting once my tax return comes in:

Am LOVING the harem pants. What’s even better is that they are from the Petite range, which is awesome for all those shorties out there like me! I will be rocking them with a ¾ sleeved low back green leotard from Bloch, among other things. The scarf will add a lil pizzazz to my (abundant) grey and black outfits. The dress will be uber cute in summer (hopefully), while I predict that the heart button socks will soon become a wardrobe staple. Hopefully they stay up a bit better than the over the knee socks that I wore today ... maybe I have weird shaped knees ... :S

And here is what I would ALSO be getting if my tax return was going to be a bit bigger.

I am currently crushing on shoe boots! If you can’t tell. And, oddly enough, clogs. At first I was all, “Oh em gee double-yew tee eff, what is up wit chose SHOES”, and Now I’m all, “Those are actually kinda cute.” Go figure.



  1. Funny that I should stumble on your nice blog and you are posting about shoes and your avatar picture is of your toes, lol.
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  2. I crush so hard on those Topshop clogs! One of these days I am going to buy them... one of these days...