Friday, July 30, 2010


Well, hello. Hello to all those nameless, faceless people out there who are now reading my blog. Or at least, those nameless, faceless people out there who I HOPE are reading my blog. Because really, what is the point of a blog if no-one reads it? Sure, I can get things off my chest, tell a few secrets, release a few emotions and blab on for ages without anyone interrupting me. But if there is no-one reading it, there is zilch validation. No validation, no warm cosy feeling in my stomach.

I have been thinking about starting a blog for AGES. Last year I set up my account (yes, last year), and since then I have been agonising over what to call it. Not what to write about, I figure all that creative stuff will flow when I need it (hopefully), but what to call the blog itself. Personally, I think that the name of your blog is uber important. Two of my favourite blogs – style rookie and The Sartorialist – have sick names. In my opinion, anyways. And since this is my blog, my opinion matters. The names of those blogs just perfectly encapsulate what those blogs are about. My blog will be comprised of my ramblings about life, love, beauty and fashion. My likes and dislikes, pet peeves and lust-haves. I wanted my blog name to somehow convey all that. Not sure if it actually does, but I like the name. Meh.

So again, welcome. Welcome to my blog. I hope that you like it, and screw you if you don’t. Just kidding! Kind of ... but kinda not really. I think. Maybe ....

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